Dec 22

Gary Spinell meets Bertrand Dory on LOA Radio

Gary Spinell meets Bertrand Dory on LOA Radio

Gary Spinell meets Bertrand Dory on LOA Radio

“It was you all along”. Taking responsibility for all the decisions of our lives and what they did bring to us: the good and the bad!

In this conversation with the author of this amazing book, Gary Spinell, you will learn more about you, about your power and rediscover the faith you need to be in the position of design your life!




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I am taking this opportunity to wish you a very Happy Christmas!

More about Gary Spinell: www.youallalong.com

Gary Spinell has spent over 25 years researching and examining why some people achieve success consistently.
Gary believes that although it is necessary to understand the fundamentals of creating your reality, it is imperative you master the nuances. At times after initial successes and changes in their life, people get stuck. And then they press harder using the fundamentals they have been taught, yet this “pushing” makes it worse. Gary’s approach in identifying the nuances of our thoughts, beliefs and actions provides the reader and listeners with easy to understand analogies for getting un-stuck.
Gary’s approach goes where other books leave off, in the details and nuances of attracting success and happiness. Gary’s book provides a unique blend of practical and spiritual information, thereby providing the reader with easy to understand step-by-step approaches to success. Gary’s unique approach is being noticed by a continuing number of experts as being a complete program for anyone to finally implement and achieve success.
In addition to being a writer and speaker, Gary has appeared as a guest on over 35 radio programs. He has extensive experience in the business world as Vice President at Blockbuster, Hotels.com and Expedia, and Senior Vice President at Mannatech. Gary’s responsibilities have included Treasury, Investor Relations, Public Relations and Human Resources.
Contact Gary at gspinell@youallalong.com

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