Feb 16

Paul Davis, Entrepreneur and author of “Evolve”, meets Bertrand Dory

Paul Davis, Entrepreneur and author of “Evolve”, meets Bertrand Dory

Paul Davis, Entrepreneur and author of “Evolve”, meets Bertrand Dory

This week, we will hear a completely different point of view of business. Business is usually associated with results, numbers, performance, competition, but, as Steve Jobs and others are showing us, if we incorporate some spiritual aspects in our business, it just transforms the way we work, how we interact with other partners, employees and clients, it also make the business more successful in EVERY ways!





This is a must listen for employees, employers, business owners and everybody else!

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Email: paul@davisbusinessconsultants.com
Book Website: www.thebookevolve.com
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Paul Davis, Entrepreneur and author of "Evolve", meets Bertrand Dory

Paul Davis, Entrepreneur and author of "Evolve", meets Bertrand Dory

More about Paul:
Paul is the leading business development and growth specialist in Ireland and has turned every loss making business he’s worked with into profit. Paul is known for being a classic lateral thinker. He has a strong commercial acumen and an exceptional ability to identify and deal with the bottlenecks of a business using a down to earth approach.
Paul’s insights cover a wide spectrum, from knowing exactly what needs to be done with a business, to staff suitability, to improving the odds on an important business decision. That’s why top executives and CEOs, business owners, and entrepreneurs are calling on the remarkable insights and business consulting services of Paul Davis.

So how does he do it? Is it because he’s the 7th son of a 7th with unique powers? A highly tuned-in business growth specialist with exceptional intuitive abilities? A savvy mastermind with a skewed sixth sense? Or the fact that he has all the proven tools, strategies and techniques to develop a business? Whatever it is, Paul seems to work on a number of different levels with clients, and their businesses improve significantly in a short time after he starts to work with them. For example, new business opportunities and new clients seem to appear out of nowhere.
Former and current clients describe Paul’s hit rate as “awesome,” “amazing,” “unbelievably accurate.” Some go so far as to say they will not make an important business decision without consulting him first.
There’s no coincidence Paul has turned every business he’s ever worked with into a successful entity, making substantial profits.
Combining his unique abilities with his business growth expertise and practical approach to developing businesses, he is definitely a force to be utilised to gain a competitive advantage.
Having trained as a Management Accountant and become a Certified Management Consultant, Paul worked across a wide-range of industry sectors, including: consultancy, construction, high- and low-tech manufacturing, service, and nationwide retail.
Paul soon became disillusioned with the lack of practical resources available to help business owners develop their business. So he established his own business in 2001 to help business owners really solve their biggest concerns: how to get more business, profits, focus and time. As well as, how to break through the barriers and reach the next level of growth.
In addition to being a member of the International Coach Federation, Paul is a Certified Management Consultant, an NLP Business Practitioner, a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, and a FÁS and NUIM approved trainer. As well as running his own successful business, Paul has had many articles published in countless publications including; The Sunday Times, The Law Society Gazette, Architecture Ireland, Interior Architects Inside, The Professional Insurance Broker, Risk Manager, Women Mean Business and Woman’s Way.
Paul has also delivered many thought provoking and practical business growth workshops on behalf of The Law Society of Ireland, PLATO Ireland, The Interiors Association of Ireland, and Enterprise Boards.
To date, he has supported countless organisations and transformed several unprofitable enterprises into multi-million Euro successes. And unlike many other consultants and training providers, Davis Business Consultants is recognised as an approved training organisation by FÁS, ILM, and FETAC.

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