Feb 23

You did decide to struggle!

Bertrand on LOA Attraction Radio

Bertrand shares his journey in difficult times

You are in a financial mess? Your relationships are messy and hard? You do not feel happy? You are feeling overwhelmed? Well, you decided to be so!

On this show, I share this concept as awareness is always the first step to any change, to any shift! Also, I will inspire you to be really completely honest with you, and take responsibility. I am not doing this to hurt you, but for you to experience the freedom you will have once you realize that you made this decision of sc***ing up your life (sorry for the language, but I want you to see this as raw as it is, and also I am French and therefore excused)!

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  1. William Blackall

    We are, at times, under pressure to be ultra positive,like me at the moment while I am waiting to hear back from a literary agent, I am told I should send out positive vibes otherwise, the agent will turn me down. Should I do that and be turned down, I will feel guilty like a schoolboy who is punished for getting my sums wrong because I haven’t been positive enough. In our physical world If the agent turns me down, it will be because of the present economic climate in spite of the fact that my novel is truly good. So I shall be positive and examine e-publishing.
    What I am trying to say is that we should endevour to be as positive as possible in the present circumstances and not feel guilty is we are feeling somewhat low and stressed.
    In my guided healing meditations I stress to my clients that they should relax and allow whatever needs to be healed at that moment in time to arise and be healed. And not to worry if nothing appears to happen, to rest assured that something has in fact happened.

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