Mar 25

Denise Duffield-Thomas, Author of Lucky Bitch, meets Bertrand Dory

Denise Duffield-Thomas, Author of Lucky Bitch, meets Bertrand Dory

Denise Duffield-Thomas, Author of Lucky Bitch, meets Bertrand Dory

Lucky Bitch! Well, this is a very catchy name, but also this is how Denise could have been described by some. Yes, she is lucky, but not in a sense of pure Luck! She created her luck and created a wonderful life by using her thoughts, her persistence and applying the law of attraction to her luck, to her dreams.

Listen to this wonderful show, as Denise talks about how lucky her life is, but also shares what she has done and the processes she used to create this life.

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Here is the video of the interview, enjoy!

More about Denise: www.deniseduffieldthomas.com

In her own words:
But I don’t want you to be jealous – I want you to join me.

Becoming a Lucky Bitch is easier than you think – and I’m living proof.

Feeling dubious? Here are just a few of the marvels I’ve manifested for myself – with the help of my friends, fans, and universal allies.

I wanted my honeymoon to last forever – so I manifested a round-the-world ticket for my husband + I to live in absolute luxury, and renew our vows – 87 times. We were chosen out of 30,000 couples to spend six months living in 5-star resorts, eating duck a l’orange & drinking champagne. Coincidence? Hell no. It was Kismet – and I worked for it.

I dreamed of becoming a Life Coach – so I manifested a scholarship ride for a certification course with my favorite coach. Which I completed from my laptop, tucked between Egyptian cotton sheets at a series of romantic hotels (see above).

I longed to write a book – so I asked the universe for a million-dollar book title, and declared I’d take care of the rest. Lucky Bitch came to me, like a gift – and the book simply flowed from my fingertips, in less than one month. The book has changed my business, anchored my platform, and provided me with media opportunities a-plenty. And let me tell you – ticking “published author” off your bucket list is beyond sexy.

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